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Narancia x reader

JJBA x Reader - Narancia x Reader : Flowers. Yes, JoJo's Bizarre Adventure x reader cause I feel like there aren't enough diamonds in the rough for this dumpster fire of a fandom.
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Baca komik Omniscient Reader's Viewpoint bahasa Indonesia komplit di Bacamanga. Manhwa Omniscient Reader's Viewpoint bercerita tentang Dokja adalah pekerja kantoran rata-rata yang minat. 2020. 4. 7. · Narancia shouts, entering the room. you and said boy were ready for a movie night, equipped with blankets, pillows, snacks and soda. “okay, hurry up! we have a lot to watch!,” you giggle, equally excited as Narancia. you have been planning this for a while as you two needed to catch up on all the new movies, but have been unable to do so because of missions.
2022. 1. 2. · “sleep over? please?” - narancia ghirga. It’s easy to forget he’s part of a gang, accustomed to the harsh life of the mafia; and almost as quick-tempered as Fugo.. If you said that in front of any of the Passione they might have laughed. Now, bright eyes shut, dark hair tousled, mouth drooling slightly, and chest rising and falling slowly, he looks so sweet.
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The last thing Narancia expected was to be reborn in a different life, and he certainly didn't expect to Izuku all but shoved a laptop on Narancia's face, nearly causing him to fall over before he caught. After a little bit of running, you could see the light signifying the exit. They hadn’t noticed yet, that you and Narancia had gotten out of getting hurt by Clover’s attack. Willow had wrongly trusted her sister’s judgment this time, meaning she didn’t feel the need to check and see if you were moving.

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2020. 3. 29. · Fling | Akihiko Kaji x reader NSFW-ish. I’m down for a part two so if you wanna see that let me know! You meet Akihiko in a bar and really hit it off. After that night you can’t keep him out of your mind. It was the soft shuffling of the bedsheets that awoke you. Beside you was the clock that read 6:04.

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2021. 6. 4. · Browse through and read or take fugo x narancia stories, quizzes, and other creations. Browse through and read or take fugo x narancia stories, quizzes, and ... (Team Bucciarati x reader) Disclaimer: I do not own JoJo's.

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2022. 2. 7. · About X Forced Child Lemon Reader . Genre: Romance, slight smut/lemon. You are sure to make a impression, maintaining your position in the top 5. narancia ghirga x reader (trigger warning + slight spoilers) April 6th, 2001. I run downstairs and check at my schedule.
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shinsou x aizawa!reader | entertaininghitoshi shinsou x reader female reader Throughout his trainings with Aizawa, Shinsou finally meets his mentor's younger sister, and befriends her. no.

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He just listens to you as you verbalise anything you want to, the experience, how good it felt, talk about each other. He gets a little shy when you start to compliment him, but he's 10x more complimentary of.
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Yes, JoJo's Bizarre Adventure x reader cause I feel like there aren't enough diamonds in the rough for this dumpster fire of a fandom. [Most impressive rankings : #1 in Caesar Zeppeli -- #1 in Jean Pierre Polnareff -- #1 in Narancia -- #1 in Mista] Requests open!.
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However, I've lost interest in writing 'x readers'. I find it more difficult to be proud of my work after Uhm hello! I was just wondering if you'd publishing the nature god reader meeting tommyinnit in the.

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2021. 7. 25. · Narancia with an s/o that´s really chill about it [hcs] Narancia with a pregnant s/o [hcs] Yandere! Narancia with prompts 45 and 72 [scenario] ... anon: hi maybe this is weird but can i please ask for shinobu x reader where reader has had a bad day and just needs a hug, idm if they’re broskis or partners :].
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2021. 6. 12. · BUCCI GANG X READER WHO RANDOMLY WALKS IN A ROOM IN A MAID DRESS, CASUALLY AND THEY'RE LIKE "Alr lets go Trish from those bitches who wanna fuckin kill her". Thank you Cherry this is exactly how I want to start off my part 5 writing 😌. He’s seen many things in his day, but a gangster in a maid dress definitely a new one.

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The room around you is lush with greenery, an explosion of flowers and vines. A thick oak tree had grown where the sofa was, branches nearly reaching the ceiling. You lower your arms and gaze around the study in a mixture of wonder and fear. Giorno stands above your cowering form, back hunched, sobbing. " Haruno is dead!".

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uh hello!! aaaa i've been truly waiting excitedly for your requests to open since i've found you!! and this is actually one of the first times i've ever requested anyone.. so i tried my best to follow your rules and if this makes you uncomfortable or if it's too specific, feel free to not do it at all!! based on your past posts, i hope you're doing okay now with whatever you were.
jojo bruno bucciarati giorno giovanna guido mista illuso leone abbacchio melone narancia ghirga pannacotta fugo pesci 퀴 토 햄 리조또 nero trish una 식초 도피오 라운드에 누워 ... iPhone X , iPhone Xs, iPhone 11 Pro: 1125x2436 iPhone Xs Max, iPhone 11 Pro Max: 1242x2688 iPhone Xr, iPhone 11: 828x1792 iPhone 12 mini.
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2019. 12. 4. · 「Narancia Ghirga」 The World . Following Friends Follow Unfollow Chat . 31893. Reputation. 251. Following. 526. Followers. Bio Since Jun 2018 (4 Years 20 Days) Volare Via! Hide Full Bio Read More . Wiki Entries (1) 《¥¥ Parting Angels ¥¥》 ... more chance of getting readers, and most importantly.

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Narancia was beat; all of these battles had worn him out quite a bit, especially after he cutted his own tongue off, that just hurted. "Narancia, if anything bad happens, just summon your stand.

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2022. 3. 4. · Anonymous said: johnny cade x male! reader? pls Answer: that I can do anon !! sorry for it taking so long to be written. ... so does fugo and giorno and okuyasu and probably narancia; giorno has a competitive side , though not in the way you’d think; if someone steals something , he has to steal something bigger , or.

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Also Narancia is 18!) You an Narancia yawned simultaneously as you sat outside at a local café with the rest of the gang, it was beautiful out that day, like most. ... #narancia ghirga #narancia x reader #golden wind #vento aureo #jojos bizarre adventure #narancia writing #misssed you #missed you.

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What is Joseph Joestar X Reader Lemon. Likes: 598. Shares: 299. Fugo is a believer in making your own family, exemplified by his relationship with Narancia . He very much looked up to Bruno as a guiding figure in his life Chess also interests him, however, he wants to play with someone on the same level as him sorry Narancia . His caring nature also has him drawn to. How old > <b>is</b> Kars? 102,000 Years <b>Old</b>.
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Read your favorite manga scans and scanlations online at Manga Reader Read Manga Online, Absolutely Free and Updated Daily.
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2020. 11. 24. · Writing blog for One Piece and JJBA:) Okay so I sent in the request about their s/o getting hurt, sorry for being unspecific 😅. Could it be monster trio accidentally saying something that hurts their fem s/o then they.

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Trish Una x Female Reader. Originally posted by kin-sama. Trish yawned as she sat up in bed, her skin felt nice against the warm sun coming from the window next to the bed. ... Trish and Y/n often cuddled together naked, which has caused lots of misunderstandings. Narancia had to stop being sent to wake the two up in the morning.
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Narancia Ghirga X Reader: Never Ending Song. "SHUT. THE FUCK. UP!". Bruno yelled at the top of his lungs, a loud smashing sound following after his voice with sparking pops. Bruno had lost his last nerve that night, Narancia being the root of the issue. The music coming from the large set of speakers Narancia owned was a few decibels too.
2020. 10. 29. · Giorno. - Giorno’s a soft-spoken guy; in your time with Bucciarati’s gang, he’s probably the one you know the least about. Still, he’s extremely friendly, and the two of you get along really well. - When you show up to your mission with Giorno with your head dipped and a far-away look in your eyes, he can instantly tell something’s wrong.

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A/N: All my writing for Battle Tendency, keep in mind my writing IS NOT spoiler free! JOSEPH JOESTAR - Jojo Characters as Dumb/Odd things my Friends and I have done - Random Jojo HCs I have - Joseph Joestar Dad HCs - Jonathan, Speedwagon, Joseph, Caesar, and Jotaro with a Shy and Kind S/O - How Jonathan, Speedwagon, Joseph, Caesar, and Jotaro met their S/O HCs.

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Fugo is a believer in making your own family, exemplified by his relationship with Narancia . He very much looked up to Bruno as a guiding figure in his life Chess also interests him, however, he wants to play with someone on the same level as him sorry Narancia . His caring nature also has him drawn to. How old > <b>is</b> Kars? 102,000 Years <b>Old</b>.
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You looked over to Narancia, who was being a little shy, "Say hi pumpkin!". He gave a little finger crunch wave to Mista, "He doesn't talk much in headspace," you explained to Mista. "That's alright!". Mista smiled at Narancia, who then gave a little smile back at him. "Awww," you could practically see Mista melt.

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